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BASEBALL AND MILROY: A Fifty-Year Love Affair


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            By the late 1950s the attendance at town team baseball games was starting to decline as modern society caught up with the affordable form of entertainment.  Before this time, Sunday baseball was the only thing in town.  Television sets had not been readily accessible in the rural portions of the state and traveling long distances was not feasible.

            Several different factors led to the declining town team crowds and teams.  In 1961 major league baseball reached Minnesota, when the Washington Senators moved in state and became the Minnesota Twins.  People were able to go further from home for entertainment, and recreation.  Television sets were becoming commonplace in every home and now the family could watch games without leaving the house.  Their idols changed to Mickey Mantle and Al Kaline, instead of the hometown sluggers.

            Amateur baseball had lost its place in society.  Today entertainment can be found anytime, and in anyplace.  Town team baseball did not lose its following because of one specific thing.  It lost out because of the variety of recreation options available.  This is a story that is echoed all over rural Minnesota.